The many ways to use Be Oil’d

Be Oil’d luxurious body oil is not only a face & body oil.

It is so versatile and gentle it will be the only product you need in the bathroom and used by the whole family.

It can be used safely for any of the following:

Body moisturiser

Use liberally, day and night, after your bath or shower or whenever you need to have dewy, glowing skin. The gold flakes will melt on application leaving your skin glowing. Absolutely brilliant for dry & itchy skin.

Makeup remover

Not only will Be Oil’d remove your make-up but it will give your face a beauty treatment at the same time.  You can leave as is or wash gently then moisturise again with a few drops of Be Oil’d.

Scalp treatment

A wonderful luxurious scalp and hair treatment, massage into your scalp and wrap in a warm towel leave for 20 minutes then wash out or you can leave overnight for an extra boost of silky shiny hair.

Massage oil

Be Oil’d will make your massage so much easier because it has staying power and glides on the skin so beautifully. The Ancient Essential Oils will continue to impart their benefits of calmness long after the massage has ended.

After wax care

To calm and sooth skin after a wax treatment.

Personal lubricant

Unlike other lubricants on the market, Be Oil’d is pure, organic and has no additives so you can be very confident that you will not be doing any harm to the sensitive areas of your bodyThis oil has staying power so you will find you do not need to keep reapplying it.

Eye makeup remover

Yes, this is by far the very best eye makeup remover I have ever used. Place a small amount on your fingers and massage your closed eyes gently – you will feel the mascara melt away, wipe off gently. No more stinging eyes.

Hair treatment

Dry, frizzy and brittle hair will be a thing of the past. Place a few drops of Be Oil’d onto your hands then gently rub through your dry or damp hair.

Day and night face moisturiser

Place a few drops on your fingers and massage into your face for a dewy, glowing look. The gold flakes will melt into your skin to leave a glowing effect.

Baby massage oil

Be Oil’d is safe for the entire family, especially for babies as it is completely organic and free of any chemicals or additives. You can use with complete confidence on babies sensitive skin.

After shaving soothing oil

Softens and calms skin of all types.

Foot softener

Be Oil’d is wonderful for the rough skin on your feet and heels, get your feet ready for summer  by applying Be Oil’d at night time.

Be Oil’d is presented in a non-toxic glass bottle and is 100% natural – better for you and the planet.