How living with sensitive skin drove me to create my own Skin Care Brand-Be Oil’d

How living with sensitive skin drove me to create my own Skin Care Brand-Be Oil’d

Ask any child who suffers from the itchy red eczema just how isolating it can be having to face the world with skin that looks like you may be contagious. Not only do you have to face the looks and the questions about what is wrong with you, but the constant itching that nothing will fix is just plain miserable.

Growing up I was that little girl who had to endure lotions and potions – remember that dry pink Calamine Lotion? (most that did not work and mostly from man-made chemicals) which has continued into my adult life where today I still am prone to suffering a pre-disposition of dry and itchy skin.

Trying to find any make up in the 60’s and 70’s that did not make me break out with puffy itchy eyes and skin was virtually impossible.   I could only spray perfumes on my clothes, and even today if any perfume gets on my skin I break out in a rash.

It’s been a long-life journey for me trying to find the right solution for my skin problems and in fact my interest in specialising in toxic metals and mineral deficiencies stems from all those years as a child who had to grow up living with eczema.

As women we all dream about having the perfect flawless skin. You only have to look at the billion dollar skin care industry-creams, peels, masks, Botox, injectables, laser treatment the list goes on to understand that good looking skin is linked to our perception of our degree of attractiveness, self-image tied up with the everlasting quest to look youthful beyond our years.

And I was no different spending hundreds of dollars over the years searching for the perfect product that would cure my skin problems but also make me feel good, youthful and attractive. Creams just didn’t have the staying power and as they are man made –  they contained chemicals, fragrances and additives with names you couldn’t pronounce.

In the end after studying toxic metals which I now know pervade our everyday life along with my degree as a Naturopath I thought “ I’m finally going to take charge over what I put on my skin and do it my way.”

It was important to me that my product would not only be safe and gentle but also support my skin that was now starting to show signs of aging such as thinning and dry skin due to the hormone changes of Menopause.

So, I researched, tested and played around with different mixes of 100% organic oils until I discovered the perfect blend!    

One of the many examples of the benefits of Be Oil’d is as an eye makeup remover.   Ever since I was a teenager I was constantly looking for an eye makeup remover that was gentle and that worked – I tried all the top cosmetic ranges but they were very strong and irritated my skin or they plain just did not work,  I used Petroleum Jelly which was again too sticky and coconut oil that left a film on my eyes – then finally I tried my oil blend and wow, mascara just melted away and I did not have to rub or reapply and the best thing was that I knew that not only was I being gentle on the skin around my eyes but that the oils were extremely beneficial to the skin at the same time and not a chemical or additive in sight!

Over dinner one night my partner looked at me and said, “Janine you’re glowing” he then came over and sat beside me and touched my arm and said, “Do you know you have the softest skin?”   He said that whatever I am doing I need to “get it out there in the market” to support other women with similar skin concerns.

So very excitedly I am proud to bring to you my oil, Be Oil’d complete with her classy black and gold label full of beneficial vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that boost collagen production. Just like a debutante, my little girl in her little gold and black dress is ready to greet the world.

Be Oil’d not only makes your skin feel luxuriously soft but it also gives you that wonderful feeling of  ‘just been pampered’  as the gold infused oil glides on your skin, it is absorbed easily and quickly and does not leave a sticky residue.   

The aroma of Be Oil’d is from three Ancient Essential Oils of Frankincense, Myrrh and Clove, the most revered and sacred of oils known to man.  I chose them not only because of their beautiful scent but also because of their healing powers both emotionally and physically.  An example is that when I first rubbed Be Oil’d onto my skin after including Frankincense in the blend I felt a wonderful sense of calmness.

One of the best things about Be Oil’d is that this unique stand-alone oil is multi-purpose – that means that it is very economical – it will be the only bottle you need in the bathroom – throw away your eye make-up remover, your cleaners, moisturiser, body lotion, hair treatment, massage oil and men’s aftershave or after wax oil –  yes Be Oil’d does it all, saving you over the years, hundreds of dollars – how good is that!

I have created Be Oil’d so that women of all ages can feel amazing in their skin and when you feel good about yourself you can do anything you set your mind to.

With Love, Janine