Be Kind to your skin.

Be Kind to your skin.

Did you know that adults have on average five million pores on their body and over 20,000 on the face alone?

These pores are microscopic gateways inside the body and depending on the size of the particle they come in contact with, can then provide a direct entrance into the bloodstream.

This becomes a major problem in today’s modern world because of an increasing amount of beauty and body care products that are full of toxic chemicals!

Your skin is your largest organ so this makes the decisions about what to put on your skin especially important.  The right choices will rejuvenate your skin and entire body. The wrong choices will speed up aging and cause toxic reactions — not only in your skin — but throughout your entire body. So many so-called natural cleaning or cosmetic products still contain ingredients that I would consider toxic. 

May I give you just two examples –  the very popular cleansing water beginning with the letter M has, as part of the ingredients Hexylene Glycol.  This is a man-made chemical used as a preservative and thinning agent it has no benefit to you or your skin, its just in the product to keep it looking good on the shelf.

Another luxury product called Age Defying, Revitalizing Oil Serum has as part of the mixture – Amodimethicone which is an anti-static, it also has Propenediol – a solvent and viscosity control agent plus Phenoxethol as a preservative.  In a total of 27 ingredients in the serum, 17 are chemicals and only 9 are emollients or moisturisers that would be of any benefit to your skin.

Natural oils are recognised by our body as something it can absorb – lets face it, we enjoy good oils in our daily diet. In fact, the famous beautiful Italian Actress of the 1960’s, Sophia Loren, is famous for applying olive oil directly to her skin to moisturize – she is quoted as saying “The beauty of olive oil is that your skin will absorb only as much as it needs… leaving it both protected and hydrated.”.    Good olive oil is just as revered as a good wine, whereas chemicals are incompatible with our system and serve no benefit other than keeping the product looking good on the shelf.   Chemicals, like all toxins settle deep in our bones and muscles and over the years cause inflammation and toxic overload – no wonder we are all so tired, lethargic and have brain fog. 

As early as 2,000 BC Oils have been used for beauty care and are associated with glamour and luxury and the feeling of indulgence for one’s self.   At all beauty spas around the world it is oils that are used as the massage medium not chemically produced creams. 

There is no feeling more luxurious than massaging oil onto the skin.  It creates a sense of indulgence that comes when you take care of your skin with quality oils in comparison to creams.

No one has ever regretted taking good care of their skin.