About Janine


For the past 12 years I have been practising as a Naturopath and Homeopath.

As a child I suffered greatly with Eczema and this predisposition of dry and itchy skin has continued all my life – I can honestly say that I have spent many hundreds of dollars over the years searching for the perfect product that worked effectively for me, particularly with regards to moisturiser, makeup remover and eye makeup remover.

Many so-called natural skin care products have chemicals, fragrances and additives in them, some with names you can’t even pronounce – so why would you want them on your skin – the largest organ of your body. I also found that creams did not have the staying power of natural oils.

As a Naturopath specialising in toxic metals and mineral deficiencies in the body, I am very aware of all the man–made toxins that pervade our everyday life, in many cases whether we like it or not, so adding more onto your skin everyday seemed somehow illogical.

So I created my own

After many years of experimenting I now believe I have the perfect blend and would like to share it with others who have the same concerns about drying, aging skin or about what they are putting on their skin every day.

Australian made from 100% Australian Organic Oils

Be Oil’d has ZERO chemicals, perfumes, parabens, or hormone disrupters, glycerine, preservatives, colours, flavours, additives, thinners, and NO added water.